The nightmare of procurement

Published:  01 January, 2006

The London Fire Brigade (LFCDA) and the FDNY are - jointly- considered the third largest firefighting organisations in the world. F&R takes a look at some of their current procurement programmes.

London Fire Commissioner Ken Knight has no doubts about the direction of the LFCDA: “London is a world-class city with all the benefits and challenges that poses. It deserves a world class fire and rescue service,” he comments.
“Much progress has been made in modernising and improving emergency cover in the capital as a whole and we’ve already had some startling successes with our community-based fire prevention work - including more than halving the number of fire deaths last year.”
The biggest project in 50 years In the biggest procurement project of the the last 50 years, the London Fire Brigade is moving out of its Albert Embankment premises to a new HQ at Union Street, Southwark.
Commissioner Ken Knight said: “This is excellent news. Having our HQ staff in one location will help to strengthen how we all work together to deliver the modern world class fire and rescue service that London deserves. We will be working with specialist consultants to plan the layout and services to meet the needs of staff, so that we have a building that is good for our staff and provides professional headquarters for the Brigade in the 21st century.”
The Union Street building, adjacent to the Brigade’s Southwark Training Centre is within two miles of the current HQ. It is near to both Waterloo and London Bridge stations, with excellent accessibility to City Hall. Staff will occupy the premises in mid-2007. Lambeth Fire Station will remain and operations will continue from the existing site.
New initiatives: The London Fire Brigade has already launched the first solar-powered fire station in the UK, partfunded by a £65,000 procurement grant. In October 2005 Richmond Fire Station is the first station to put in place leading edge technology to help lower carbon emissions and combat climate change.
The Brigade has replaced 107 of its fire engines with Mercedes vehicles with Euro3 engines, which dramatically reduce the amount of exhaust pollutants.
Over the next two years the rest of the appliance fleet - 111 vehicles - will be replaced in the same way. Once this is done pollutant emissions will be cut by more than two tonnes a year.
Procurement investment for FDNY With $11 million in emergency procurement funding the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has begun the formal training and distribution of the Personal Safety System (ropes) to firefighters. The Project Leaders behind this innovative programme include Chief of Training Thomas Galvin, Chief of Safety Allen Hay, Captain Michael Hayes and Captain Thomas Dolan.
A spokesman told F&R: “October’s first training class included firefighters and fire officers from the 6th and 7th Divisions of the Bronx and Harlem and personnel from the Special Operations Command (SOC). The firefighters are taught the components of the system and its proper deployment and use. Each training session is eight hours in length.”
Training sessions now take place twice a day, seven-days-a-week at the Fire Department’s Training Academy on Randall’s Island. Within eight months, the Department anticipates that all firefighters and fire officers will be fully trained.
The FDNY spokesman explained the why the project was instigated: “Immediately following a fatal fire in the Bronx on January 23rd, 2005, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta ordered the development of a ropes system for all FDNY members.
“With the $11 million secured in emergency funding for this project, in June 2005, the FDNY announced the selection of the Personal Safety System. Developed by firefighters and fire officers and members of the FDNY’s Research & Development group, the system includes a harness, lightweight rope, descent control device, hook and harness bag.
Unfortunately, the new equipment arrived too late to see service in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - nevertheless more than 135 FDNY personnel were deployed to assist in fire suppression activities and responses to other emergencies throughout New Orleans .
Post 9/11 grants: In 2003 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided an additional $47m to assist the city of New York in the long-term recovery from the attack on the WTC.
“Funds provided through FEMA’s public assistance programme are central to the recovery efforts by state and city agencies in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks,” said Michael D. Brown of the department for Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response. “We worked closely with the state and city of New York to fulfil President Bush’s commitment to support the long-term recovery.”
The procurement funding included almost $4m for supplies needed to support disaster-related emergency work including firefighting, search and rescue, inspections and victim ID.
The following companies supply listed equipment & services for the Procurement Programmes of fire departments, fire authorities, private industry and government health & safety agencies around the world:
AB Mobiltex Contact: Peter Adler, Sales Manager Telephone: +46 (0) 8 540 641 56 Fax: +46 (0) 8 540 690 05 E-mail: Web: AB Mobiltex developed and manufactures the Ingstrom Escape Chute as an ‘economical solution for your evacuation needs’. Once installed an escape chute provides a means of escape for both the able and disabled to evacuate from a highrise building in an emergency. The unit protects the evacuees (20 persons a minute capapcity) from fire and smoke during the descent. No electrical power is needed to make the chute fully operational. An escape chute can be mounted on existing buildings/structures and incorporated into new developments.
Adaro Tecnologia, S.A. Contact: Miguel Millan Telephone: + 34 985 347 806 Fax: + 34 985 358 378 E-mail: Web: The company is the manufacturer of ADALIT Safety Rechargeable Torches for firefighters and ALFA Safety Cap Lamps for miners. Arndt H. von Oertzen (GmbH&Co) Contact:Volker Schmalhaus Telephone: +49 (0) 40 604 11-0 Fax: +49 (0) 40 604 11 49 E-mail: High pressure extinguishers.
Avon Protection Contact: Paul Cave, Sales Office Manager Telephone: +44 1225 896705 Fax: +44 1225 896301 Web: The company is the designer and manufacturer of CBRN respiratory protection equipment for the fire, police, emergency services and military forces.
Holmatro Contact: Mr. Bert Willems, commercial director Telephone: + 31 (0) 162 589200 Fax: + 31 (0) 162 522 482 E-mail: Web: Holmatro Rescue Equipment was founded in 1967 in the Netherlands and has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic rescue equipment. The product range includes hydraulic cutters, spreaders, combitools, rams and pumps, pneumatic lifting bags, a shoring system and many other tools and accessories. These products meet the international norms, including EN, NFPA and UL. In 2005 Holmatro introduced CORE Technology. This new technology will revolutionise existing extrication techniques and standard operating procedures. Holmatro has two manufacturing plants - in the USA and ar the head office in the Netherlands - and has sales & service points almost anywhere in the world.
Iveco Magirus Brandschutztechnik Fax: +49.731.408.2410 Iveco Magirus offers a range of tank pumpers and fire engines, turntable ladders and rescue vehicles, portable pumps and special vehicles - as well as air crash tenders - to meet all requirements. Theproduct range from Iveco Magirus is distinguished by quality, long operational life, efficiency and optimum safety.
LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH Contact: Kurt Pleiner Telephone: +49 9131 698 -0 Fax: +49 9131 698 394 E-mail: LUKAS produces hydraulic rescue equipment: spreaders, cutters, combitools, hand-operated combitools, battery-powered combitools, current insulated rescue tools, rescue rams, telescopic rescue rams, compact motor pumps, battery-powered motor pumps, motor pumps for the alternating use of two rescue tools, for the simulaneous operation of two rescue tools, for the operation of three rescue tools at the same time, single - and double hosereels, airbags, protection covers, rescue plateform support sets etc. It also provides rerailing equipment for all kind of rolling stock. Professional Protection Systems Ltd Contact: Cathy Mackie Phone number: +44 1908 272 240 Fax number : +44 1908 371 605 E-mail: Website:
When PPS launched its first inflatable decontamination shower in 1996 it was targeted for use at HazMat incidents. Since then the company has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of mass-decon technology to military and emergency services throughout the world, to HM Government, the NHS and UK ambulances services and hospital trusts.
“The company’s many corporate customers now benefit from the high-specification products produced by PPS for its international customers as well as the company’s unrivalled database of decontamination know-how created by serving the needs of organisations in 60 different countries,” comments Cathy Mackie.
SP Services (UK) Ltd. Contact:Jane Wilson Telephone: +44 (0)1952 288 972 Fax: +44 (0)1952 606 112 Web: SP Services is a leading UK-based international supplier of Medical, First Aid Ambulance, Paramedic and Emergency Rescue Equipment. SP can supply anything from a single pack of plasters to the latest state-of-the-art defibrillators and is now the UK’s sole official distributor of Ambu Training Manikins. SP is widely regarded as the preferred choice of the Emergency Medical professional, mainly due to its exceptional service and high-quality products. Call now for a copy of its latest colour catalogue or point your web browser to its internet site and peruse the online shop.
Swingtec GmbH Contact: Bernd L. Dietrich / Jacqueline Imbs Phone number: +49 7562 708 0 Fax number: + 49 7562 708 111 E-mail: Website: Swingtec manufactures the AquaMobil range, Mobile Showers, Decontamination and Heating systems. Sarin in the subway - anthrax in the mail - fear of terrorist attacks using dirty nuclear bombs. These are, unfortunately, modern threats. They place new challenges on our civil and military Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection agencies.
The AquaMobil system provides professional and proven equipment for a fully-automatic working shower and hot water supply, and for the operation of decontamination shower systems. The modular system construction enables variable configurations, starting with small systems for the decontamination of task forces, up to large mass decontamination systems.
Waterous Company Contact: Peter Ledgar Telephone: +44 (0)1785 761929 Fax: +44 (0)1785 769013 E-mail: Web: The company is an independent Fire Pump Manufacture producing equipment for use on all types of mobile fire apparatus, capacities from 800l/m to 8000l/m at 10 bar, pumps and CAFS systems built to NFPA & EN standards.

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