A new fixed foam system can extinguish a refinery fire, full surface tank fire or rim seal fire without the use of pumps or external energy.

Q&A: Chris Wellfair reveals some of the challenges, technologies and trends in the selection, installation and maintenance of fire-protection systems for data centres.

Survey reveals that senior financial executives at major US companies with operations in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico were not prepared for last year’s hurricanes.

On the day that it received its PAS 7 certificate for organisational fire risk management, Jose Sanchez de Muniain was invited to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the world-renowned Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London.

The world record for the highest pumping capacity fire engine has been broken with the aid of Darley’s new 2ZSM, a water pump whose design was conceived, developed and manufactured in a matter of months.

Promoted event: World’s leading event for the international storage sector announces all new features for 2018

HSE report on fire and explosion issues of the incident in the Gulf of Mexico recommends eliminating reliance on human responses for gas detection.

The largest pump/monitor package in the world is transferring from the marine world to high-hazard land applications; Jose Sanchez de Muniain finds out more details.

Fire-protection guidelines for warehouses containing automatic storage and retrieval systems have been published by FM Global.

SEE VIDEO: Safety video of the 2016 ExxonMobil fire at Baton Rouge Refinery

A review of major vapour-cloud incidents has been carried out by the US Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Government probes will investigate the compliance and enforcement challenges facing fire safety in building and construction sector.

Insurance company takes loss-prevention training to a new level with state-of-the-art training centre.

Financial and data sponsors are sought by the US Fire Protection Research Foundation for a project seeking to use inspection, testing and maintenance data of fire pumps for reliability-based decision-making.

Delegates at the recent foam management seminar in Queensland, Brisbane heard how a new, environmentally-neutral disposal method for fluorochemical waste that costs as little as US$1 per litre could revolutionise the way companies handle the disposal of fluorinated foam concentrates and contaminated soil and water.

A new handbook that describes common scenarios for assessing risks associated with industrial sites has been published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

A research proposal focussing on flammable mists is shortly to be released by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.

The successful deployment of a mobile fire extinguishing turbine prompts the delivery of a second unit to the largest site in the Bavarian chemical triangle.

The Passive Fire Protection Network holds US inaugural meeting in Houston, Texas.

The blast caused internal structures to collapse and led to damage totalling more than £20 million (US$25 million).

A new test protocol based on the concept of simultaneous monitoring, assessment and response technology (SMART) is about to be published – and it is expected to kick-start innovation in fire protection for high-risk areas.

COMMENT: As the construction sector embraces the digital age, where is the fire detection industry? Charles Smith of Apollo provides an overview of BIM’s introduction and fire detection’s progress within the new world.

Queensland Governments extends efforts to remove contamination-causing per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the state.

BSI has revised BS 9999: 2017 Fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings – Code of practice.

Owners of the fire-hit Lacrosse Apartments are ordered to remove non-compliant cladding.

Specialist high-hazard protection and response company announces multi-million dollar contracts with three of the world’s largest chemical, plastics and bulk storage companies.

The UK's Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is looking for assistance to develop guidance on the use and specification of active fire curtains.

The standard defines basic levels of competence for people charged with the planning, design, assembly, commissioning, system verification, handover or maintenance of fire safety or security systems. 

The Hydrocarbon Passive Fire Protection Network was officially launched in September during a one-day technical meeting at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Latest research results for extinguishing large-scale fires involving ethanol; common test standards for foam ’do not really reflect tank fire situations’. Report by Henry Persson and Magnus Bobert, SP Sweden.

A pilot masterclass that aims to help site managers better manage their industrial firefighters has been piloted in Rotterdam. Rob Jastrzebski joins the students on their final day.

New strict requirements have been issued for all waste site operators handling combustible waste in the UK.

A number of detectors with built-in-test capabilities are now in place protecting key areas within the Indian Space Research Organisation’s facilities.

Sharpeye detectors have been installed at the Gelredome soccer stadium in the city of Arnhem, close to the German border in east Netherlands.

HFCs may be following the path of halon in a global phase-down but there are alternatives, writes Kurt Werner.

How do you protect a site that ranges over several kilometres and which includes four palaces, four parks, an equestrian centre, a convent and even a castle? João Paulo Ajami presents a unique Portuguese challenge.

A futuristic stadium for Zenit St Petersburg FC in Russia scheduled for completion this year will also be the home of an innovative fire suppression system. Has the age of the robotic fire brigade finally arrived? Jose Sanchez de Muniain speaks with Yuri Gorban, director general of the Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology (FR) in the city of Petrozavodsk, Karelia, northwest Russia.

An online interactive map that shows UK premises that have been saved from fires by sprinklers has been launched by the Business Sprinkler Alliance.

An unnamed Korean car manufacturer has installed a number of flame detectors made by Spectrex at a factory currently under construction in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The world’s largest water-mist system is being installed in a new hospital in Denmark – and the solution is expected to save the hospital millions. Jose Sanchez de Muniain reports.

Could the days of the standard fire extinguisher be numbered? During Intersec Dubai Jose Sanchez caught up with a bee-loving entrepreneur looking for investment in a solution which would eliminate the need for multiple extinguishers and reduce both the cost of maintenance contracts and the discharge of chemicals into the environment.

A report summarising the improvements made following the Buncefield disaster has been published on its tenth year anniversary.

SPONSORED FEATURE: Tyco Fire Protection Products takes restaurant fire suppression systems to new heights with the new Ansul Piranha.

After three years of research FM Global has released new fire protection guidelines for warehouse owners that it claims could reduce fire-related costs by millions of dollars.

The IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation is aimed at individuals employed in the mechanical fire protection sector that wish to develop the knowledge and competencies necessary to meet the industry standards for the installation role.

Bosch launches an IP-based solution for remote diagnostics and remote maintenance.

Spectrex’s SharpEye Optical Flame Detectors will protect four new 600MW oil and gas fired steam turbines as well as the fuel handling infrastructure and transmission equipment being installed at the plant in Saudi Arabia.

What qualities make an effective training ground? Nico Zorzetto of Italian manufacturer SANCO SpA describes a training ground recently installed in a gas treatment facility in Algeria, north Africa.

SEE VIDEO: After nearly four hours of extreme heat the protective panel withstands three separate impacts.

Why MMI Engineering intends to establish an industry group for users of passive fire protection.

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